Serket (セルケト lit. Seruketo) is scorpions known for its gigantic size and deadly toxin from its tail. They chase players and attack them from underground to protect their underbellies, which is their weak spot. They tend to be encountered in labyrinths and deserts.

"None can withstand its sharpened toxic tail or pierce its hardened shell. Concealed within the sand, no deadlier scorpion exists."
-From ingame monster encyclopedia


  • Tail Spike: While underground, Serkets would shoot their tails up from below, along with their whole body, to impale any player above them leaving them in an exhausted state, exposing their weak point, for a few seconds before digging underground again.
  • Claw Burst: While underground, Serkets would pop out from the ground claws first, along with only their head, leaving them in an exhausted state for a few seconds but only exposing their hard exoskeleton.
  • Deadly Embrace: Serkets would click their claws then chase any player from afar to slash him/her with their claws in a manner similar to an embrace.
  • Tail Impale: Serkets would stab their tails on the ground first to the left of their heads, right, then center getting their tails stuck while leaving their deadly toxin on the ground, which remains for quite a while.
  • Body Swing: Similar to Tail Impale, Serkets would then instead rotate 360° rather than stab in front of their heads.

Materials DropsEdit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drop
Parts Materials
Giant Scorpion Dart / 巨蠍の針 Left & Right Claw Giant Scorpion Claw / 巨蠍の爪
Water of God / 神の水
Giant Scorpion Exoskeleton / 巨蠍の外骨格
Giant Scorpion Tail / 巨蠍の尾
Giant Scorpion Sting / 巨蠍の刺す
Giant Scorpion Nerves / 巨蠍の神経
Giant Scorpion Poison / 巨蠍の毒
Giant Scorpion Leg / 巨蠍の足
Serket Core Shard / セルケトのコア破片
Serket Core / セルケトのコア


Normal Weakpoint After Breaking
Belly Left & Right claw


  • Yormbea Labyrinth

Tips & StrategiesEdit

  • Using damaging Ultimate Spells like Bahamut and Grendel or status effect inducing Ultimate Spells like Agni would instantly bring the Serket out from the ground.
  • Attacking it from the back when the Serket's tail is stuck on the ground or when it does Tail Spike is the only way to attack its underbelly because the legs block it. Being in the right position, depending on the weapon, would ensure that every attack by the player will hit its weak point even when the Serket is toppled at its sides when it is stunned.
  • Fire magic also work well with either version of Serket as the burn damage continues for ~2 seconds even after it digs itself back into the ground. Thunder magic are useful to paralyze or stun the Serket for a few seconds, enough to cause them to topple to their side and give the player a ~5 second window to attack the underbelly freely.


  • Serket's artwork is done by Kouichi.
  • Serket is the name of the Egyptian goddess of healing stings and bites who's deification is the scorpion.

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