Goblin Fighter (ゴブリンファイター lit. Goburinfaitā) is the first kind of monster the player encounters in the game. It is generally the weakest and easiest of all monsters. They also tend to be minions of stronger monsters in its area.

Goblin Fighter have 3 other variants, which is Blaze Goblin (ブレイズゴブリン lit. Bureizugoburin), and Goblin Hunger (ゴブリンハガー lit. Goburinhagā). They also tend to flee from high-leveled players.

"These cunning little beasts flee like rabbits from the strong, but gather in hordes to gang up on the weak."

-From ingame monster encyclopedia


  • Smash: It does a little jig dance then it do a downward swing with it's club.

Materials DropsEdit

Normal Drops Breakable Parts Drops
Parts Materials
Beast Lard / 獣ラード
Cold Mirror / コールドミラー
Impish Bone / やんちゃの骨
Impish Skull / やんちゃの頭蓋骨
Impish Horn / やんちゃの角
Goblin Core Shard / ゴブリンのコア破片
Goblin Core / ゴブリンのコア


  • Neumellow Woods
  • Ahbor Desert
  • Kamma Wind Cave
  • Brankad Lava Cave


  • Goblin Fighter in the game signifies the trend of Final Fantasy's Goblin; easy and early monster.
  • Goblin Fighter's artwork was done by Kususaga Rin.

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